Arad Win Win, Adrian Hart - Hey, Pool Boy [HD 720p] (Gays)

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Shawn is a 6, 170lbs muscular and hung stud from SoCal who you guys are going to love! Ive known him for a couple years now so when he hit me up to come to his first shoot, I didnt hesitate to say no! I had already been chatting with Dante so I hit him up cus I knew theyd be hot af together. He was obsessed with Shawns muscular bubble butt and perfect hole, but who wouldnt be?! We love a bottom like Shawn who has a look of joy on his face as hes getting his hole pounded by his top. Both boys were left covered in sweat and cum (inside and out) and very, very satisfied! Jerome Culkin, Nick Fox - Footballs, Sc.3 [FullHD 1080p] (Gays)

Its late and Nick just wants to enjoy a film in bed with a glass of wine, but hes half asleep when Jerome arrives, who changes the channel to watch some football, which Nick isnt very amused about! So the boys start making out and turn off the TV, and prefer to enjoy each others body. With some kissing and jerking, Jerome is soon rock hard and having his cock sucked by Nick, before changing their roles, and Jerome is sucking Nicks cock. Nick not fully pleased, gets on top of Jerome in a 69 position, so they both can suck each others cocks, which gets them to the next level of hornyness,, with Jerome begging for Nick to fuck him, which he does in various positions before spurting his load over Jeromes face. Milan Sharp, Nick Fox - Gym Hookups Sc.2 [FullHD 1080p] (Gays)

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Nick is one hell of a lucky boy, showing Hans around, on his first visit, but in one of those breather breaks, Hans cant keep himself from kissing Nick, which makes Nick take him home to show Hans whats really good in town! In just their underwear in bed, both boys start making out, and soon Hans has his lips wrapped around Nicks cock, after some juicy sucking, Nick gets on top and in a 69 position both boys enjoy what they each have to offer, soon after, Nick rimms the boys hole, in preparation of the fuck that is to come!--Тип HD видео: 1080p