MeganQt - First Time Dancing on Video [SD 480p] (Anal) - 2018-04-13 MeganQt - First Time Dancing on Video [SD 480p] (Anal) - 2018-04-13

Имя актрисы: MeganQt
Название: First Time Dancing on Video
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Жанр: Anal, Solo, Hairy Pussy, Hardcore, First Time, Bikini, Leather, Couple
Продолжительность: 00:03:23

Описание: Wow! phil got this really nice room to do this photo shoot. He surprised me with it! He let me have the room after the photo shoot so my friends could come and hang out with me. So I decided to give phil and you guys a surprise back. Yah! I did a sexy dance on video! My very 1st dance video!!!!!The cute and sexy... Megan Yeah right Meg! Your friends did not come and hang out with you. Your boyFRIEND came and fucked the shit out of your 18 year old ass! The lucky son of a bitch! Now that that has been cleared up, onto this set... this set might possibly contain the two most important seconds of MeganQts modeling career. It started out extremely slow... and a good bit of time it took me, to get a good working flow. There was no real concept, the 18 year old did not like her outfit, and she had an attitude as well. There was a struggle for sure, and Megan was putting me through hell! But then, during a sexy squatting pose, she did the inconceivable! Messing around, she did this little two second long booty popping dance... which was un-fucking-believable. This moment was crucial, because it led to MeganQts first time dancing on video. Megans volunteer-ism had instantly changed the direction of the set. We now had a sexy dancing theme, which Shawn, my video guy at the time and I started to push really hard for. It definately took some persistant pushing, as you watch the full tape rip video with a runtime of 00:51:13, you will see how she trys to stall and get out of dancing in front of us. But she was in the hot seat and finally, she cracked! Her body started to move slowly, fluidly and sexily. She gave the camera these looksthat I had never seen before, she began to bounce a bit, as if she were riding on top. Millions of thoughts flash banged through me... here are the top three: "The Gods must be with us!" "To Aphrodite... Dominous Ominous!" "Thank you black people for Rap and R&B Music... what you are doing to our white girls is fan-fucking-tastic!" The members Download Center contains a ton of content, all of which I methodically remastered. The phil-flash Premium Photos are the cameras full resolution 3000x2000 with a very small and non intrusive watermark. The main photo set contains 116 images, and in addition to that there are 35 fun, sexy, and intrusive outtakes, for a grand total of 151 pictures. There are 5 videos exported with a bit rate of 14,000 kb/s and a total runtime of 01:02:55. I hope you have disk space, because there are 7 whopping GB of some of MeganQts hottest content ever produced for you to download. As Megan mentioned above, I did get a unique hotel room. It was more of a themed room for couples to come to and enjoy themselves. So I wouldn be surprised if Megans "friends" were actually Megans boyfriend instead. Thinking back, I should have left a hidden camera aimed at that bed and left it recording... ha! Wouldnt that be some priceless footage? Anyway, it was pretty expensive, I think maybe around $450 just for the dang room. I am sure that I and she got our moneys worth out it. I know this video is worth more than $450 to me... I am not sure that I could even put a value on it actually. The second video, "First Time Dancing" towards the end at approximately 01:03 Megan stops dancing, stands up and says... "Yall didnt know I could do that, did ya? tehe hehehe ehehehehe" The cute and sexy... Megan Whats funny as fuck... is that she is right! Whats even funnier... Members only continued reading... ... is that once Megan starts dancing, in that video (#2)... you did not hear a peep out of me or Shawn. We were stunned, shocked, and in awe! It was like when you were a kid and you came out of your room past your bedtime, got on the couch with your parents and you sat there as silent as could be... so that they would not notice you and just keep watching the tv. And if you had to caugh, you sat there with your throat itching forever hoping it would go away... lol! I believe that is what came over Shawn and I, we just prayed she would dance the entire song through without noticing us... wouldnt you? When you watch these videos, especially the full tape rip, you will notice that there are a lot of things going on. Shawn and I would argue, Megan had an attitude towards the beginning, and I was desperately trying to get some and keep some mojo going. After remastering this set and watching everything back, I found myself laughing my ass off at parts. I found myself saying... did I really let him talk to me like that? I found myself smiling for lengthy durations as I waited for the next funny part. I even noticed the part early on, where Megan was giving me her attitude and I was kind of stumped for the next pose, I remember that I was considering using my godlike powers and bringing the "black cloud of death" to that room, shit canning the entire set and making it verbally rain on Megan and Shawn. Thankfully, I chose the better path... Some other things to know or pay attention to... The Bush: Megan must have done a rush job when she was shaving or been half asleep, because you can see some of her bikini line pubic hair in the pictures. Some of you might think this is gross... but I think it is hot as hell. It just more of Megan that we get to see in her more natural state! Plus, I am a fan of the bush... I grew up staring at Playboy Centerfold from the 80s and early 90s, so the sexy bush is cool with me. The Outtakes: In the first couple of pictures in the outtakes, Megan was wearing shiny black patent leather pants. I thought they would look good on her... but we did not like how they looked. So I switched it to the boots. The funny thing about this, is that Shawn was pretty skepticle of the boots, and then he started filming and he recanted his opinion on them and told he liked them. Yeah! Trust in Mr. flash... you must! Full Body vs Zoom: Shawn is pretty good with a video camera, he holds it for the most part still and his zooms are usually slow and for a reason. However, when she was dancing, I had already planned in my head that I would get her to dance the song several times in different locations of the room. Then, we could put it all together and have some great multi-cam footage to peice together. Well there were certain shots that I wanted the entire clip to be from head to toe... full body and stay off the zoom. Shawn had a hard time following my instructions... in fact he did a whole lot of not following my instructions. Whos paying who here buddy? There is a lot of footage that even though its still good, because Megan is incredibly sexy when dancing, but it could have been way better if it were full body. There is a lot of action missed when these video guys zoom all of the time. They miss the long curly hair swaying and bouncing around, they miss eye contact and candid looks, they miss the subtle yet sexy way she puts her hand down to the floor. The bottom line is... they miss a lot of good footage, just to get a closer peep at two ass cheeks. To end my rant... Full Body ultimately wins, and Shawn was out of a job after this shoot. Shawns Idea: Shawn had this idea with the Megan, the red rose, and some kind of sexy video. I was not to keen on this and had no idea how he was going to achieve this either. I knew Megan, and getting her to say stuff was nothing but a full on laugh session... which is actually a really fun part of the video if you ask me. I will give him some credit though, I was able to use a few pieces of the rose footage to add into video #1, but there was really no way that there was an actual sexy video to be made out of this footage. The reason I am explaing this is because after viewing the entire set, you may find yourself asking... what was with the rose??? I am still asking myself that to this day, and this footage was shot 16 years, 11 months and 27 days ago. I hope that you like this set... and please let me know what you think with a comment below.

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