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I was in a mood for a drink today. By the way I hate drinking alone. Thats why I tried to look around for some young guys. All I came across were girls or bearded dudes at first. Eventually, I met Honza, a young boy who had a day-off and decided to go for a little walk. I convinced him to go drinking with me instead. While we were walking to the bar he recommended, I tried to make him to do some funny stuff. Running around the river bank almost naked was pretty funny, I admit. The boy was incredibly shy but money made him do crazy stuff. I just had to take him to a nicely secluded place and pay him enough to overcome his heterosexuality. Once he left it behind, he was like a wild animal. Sucking and fucking like a real whore. amateurs - Casting Couch #280 Robin Sanchez, Gerald Fabiani [SD 540p] (Ebony)

The sensation of touch is an incredible thing. Each of our bodies has its own unique area that is highly sensitive to touch and arousal. Gerald is at home enjoying a quiet afternoon of pleasuring himself through touch. His wet tongue working its way up and over and around each finger as his other hand is exploring his ripped muscular body. A sly fox grin comes across his face as he notices his lover taking delight in watching his partner pleasure himself. Robin is already hard as he anticipates taking over for his lovers hands with his tongue, hands and lips. He begins by feeding Gerald his fingers to suck and linger over. Robins fingers are quickly replaced with his rigid cock. Gerald runs his hot tongue up and down Robins shaft and pauses on his engorged head to lap at its expansive crown. Robin moans with pleasure as he begins to feed Gerald his cock at a more rapid pace. Gerald rises so that Robin is able to take his straining cock deep in his throat. Robin is eager to receive his lovers dark ebony cock deep in his throat. Feeling that hot cock fill his hungry mouth and deep throat. Geralds balls are drawing up tight against his body as the pleasure radiates from the head of his cock through the shaft and throughout his body. Feeling his hot load building quickly, Gerald mounts Robin from behind and begins to deliver a hot pounding to Robins tight, muscular ass. Robin encourages his lover to pound him deeper and harder. The pleasure of being penetrated deeply has Robins cock straining to release his hot load. Gerald continues to pound and pleasure with each thrust of his hard cock. The continues pounding has brought Robin to the brink of explosion which erupts all over his ripped abs. Geralds rhythm is only intensified by the spasming ass muscles wrapped around his cock. Pounding away until his pleasure is delivered in an eruption of milky cum all over his lovers thighs and balls. The sensation of touch is something that we all have within ourselves, pleasure yourself today. amateurs - Czech Hunter 354 [SD 360p] (Gays)

Another beautiful sunny day in Prague, so I decided to hunt outside. I wanted to go for a little drink but the boy I met there made me totally forget about my thirst. All I could think about was him. He was waiting there for his girlfriend so I had to be really quick and convincing. Money did the trick. The boy was a student of agricultural so not exactly a rich guy. I offered him cash and he ditched his girl in a second. I love guys like that. We fooled around on the street for a few minutes and had a great fun. He was in a pretty good shape and didnt mind to show it off. Im sure all the ladies around enjoyed the view. And so did I but I wanted a lot more from the boy. We had to go somewhere discreet. I knew this was going to be a fun afternoon. amateurs - Czech Hunter 355 [SD 360p] (Gays)

Prague had been like a furnace these days. Thats why a wanted to cool off somewhere near the river. I went to main outdoor swimming area in Prague and looked for boys. The place was packed with people so I had to look carefully. I noticed a shy looking guy lying on the grass and decided to spend a nice afternoon with him. He was surprised but not strictly against the idea. He was broke and my money would help him a lot. I wanted to do something different this time so I rented us a motorboat. I was looking forward to some nice river action. The boys was really shy and was scared by people. I couldnt understand why, his cock was definitely something to be proud of. We fooled around a bit but eventually the boat was simply too unstable for what was coming next. amateurs - Vadim Romanov raw fucks Lukas Daken [HD 720p] (Gays)

At Timtales, we love wide holes. It always means the fucking was just right! So lets take the time to appreciate Lukas Dakens marvellous hole at the end of his intense breeding session with Vadim Romanov. He got barebacked so hard and so deep, it left his hole gaping open! Watch out for the perfect raw breeding; the way we like it!- : SiteRip amateurs - Tim Kruger fucks Cesar Paulino [HD 720p] (Gays)

Tim is back and hes bringing with him total lovemaking expertise! Csar Paulino was so eager to shoot with Tim. Hes his all time favourite. When they first met in Tims place, they didnt let me prepare my camera and lights. They were already fucking passionately! (Was I intruding? haha) Csar Paulino showcases his incredible cocksucking abilities in this scene. And he takes Tims legendary massive cock like a true expert. Get ready for sensual lovemaking at its best and nasty assfucking of course!- : SiteRip amateurs - Czech Hunter 356 [SD 360p] (Gays)

I was supposed to meet a boy that one of my fellow hunters fucked a few years back. My plan was that we would find another boy and have a threesome with him. We arranged a meeting but that little bastard didnt show up. Thats why I started looking around on my own. It didnt take too long and I found Martin, an 18 years old security guard. He was exercising when I approached him. Martin was pretty open-minded, which was a good sign. I was almost ready to take him somewhere discreet when the dude I was waiting for showed up. I was so happy, we would have a threesome after all! We went to this boys apartment and had a great time together. Poor Martin had no idea what he signed up for apparently. It was very painful for him. amateurs - Czech Hunter 357 [SD 360p] (Gays)

There are many beautiful islands on the Vltava river. One of them was my hunting ground today. I almost started to regret the decision but then I met this lonely and sad looking boy. He was chatty but didnt want to talk about his problems. Im not surprised because they were a bit embarrassing. When he was drunk, he got caught urinating in public and a policeman gave him a fine. Our poor boy couldnt pay it and didnt want to tell anyone about it. Especially not his girlfriend. He was pretty cute so I tried my luck. The most difficult thing was to keep him interested after he got the money for the fine. Luckily I brought lot of cash with me. I took our boy to the nearby forest and fucked him hard. Watching all his muscles tighten while he tried to endure my pounding. I was horny like hell. amateurs - Reality Porn #1: Diesel OGreen, Julio Rey [SD 540p] (Sport)

Diesel takes us along to the park in Madrid to show us what it is like to actually meet a hot guy in person. Remember the days before everything was mobile and instantaneous, when you actually got to see the real person, not the one they hoped to be or were. Diesel spots Julio coming along, who could miss this hot muscular specimen of a man? Julio invites us back to his place and Diesel is sporting his hard on before he even enters the apartment. The guys quickly strip down and are showing off their bodies and cocks to each other. Diesel loves hot sexy Spanish men, but even more so he loves hot sexy Spanish pollas! Julio and Diesel swap out blow jobs before Julio begins prepping Diesels pink hole for his cock with his probing tongue. Diesels hole was ready before he entered the apartment, now it is just dripping with desire to be fucked and Julio penetrates him deep and hard. Julios cock is rock hard, looking as if it may snap if it gets any harder. It is so hot to watch Julios cocoa colored cock fucking away at Diesels tight pink hole. Diesel has rode the wave of pleasure that he is now demanding Julio to give it to him. Julio counteracts with a rapid fire succession of ass pounding thrusts that forces Diesels creamy load to erupt from his swollen cock. Julio continues his assault on Diesels ass until his cock can no longer balance on the cliffs edge and unleashes a climax that carries him into the oblivion of pure bliss. amateurs - Czech Hunter 359 [SD 360p] (Gays)

I met a perfect boy. I was annoyed and horny as hell because my previous hunts went rather badly. And this boy made everything right. I met Petr at a casino. He stood at the entrance and was obviously deeply troubled. For a very good reason. He just lost 15 000 Crowns at the casino. He needed the money to pay rent. I explained him how we could help each other. He would even make some extra cash out of it. Petr was a bit slow so it wasnt too difficult to make him agree. I was so horny that I wanted a little taste of what was coming. I took him to a restroom and let him suck me off. Then we found a nice discreet place outside and I rammed his tight virgin ass. It was painful and incredibly sexy. Maybe I should work as a gambling therapist.
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Good-looking and lonesome Titus is single again after a bad breakup. Hes not going to let it get him down though. On the contrary, he decides its time to get out there and live that ho life! His first conquest; sexy, muscular stud named Arad Winwin. Hes so horny he can barely contain himself! He takes in all of Arads eager man meat as he gets his ass pumped until he creams all over himself. amateurs - Czech Hunter 360 [SD 360p] (Amateurs)

I came across a street sale. You dont see that very often in Prague so I was curious. They werent selling anything interesting. Only think that caught my attention was a young boy browsing the stuff. He wanted to buy a shirt. He looked more than decent so I tried my money tricks on him. It went smoothly. He was a student therefore poor as a church mouse. The boy was a little shy and scared but eventually he undressed right in the middle of a park. A few peeks at his body told me that he would be a great fuck toy. I offered him my cash and took him in the bushes. I wanted everything to go nice and well so I let him finger his ass first. Yet, the boy had a pretty hard time dealing with my cock up his ass. But, Im sure he had fun. Otherwise he wouldnt had cummed so hard, would he?