WilliamHiggins: Hugo Antonin (akt), Leo Lombar (pass), Pavel Sora (akt), Roman Baren (pass) - Backstage [FullHD 1080p] (Gays)

Видео со съемок "Wank Party #105". Акцента на сексе в ролике нет, в основном показано, как проходят съемки, как парни расслабляются, готовятся, общаются между собой на чешском (скорее всего). Жаль, что нет субтитров, но некоторые созвучные фразы можно уловить, как то "представь себе бабу", "не бойся" и т.д. Оригинальное описание с сайта A few months back we had a lovely Wank Party, #105, with Hugo Antonin, Leo Lombar, Roman Baren and Pavel Sora. Now we can present a very nice backstage video of that scene. In the video we are able to see the guys relaxing as they smoke their cigarettes before filming, and as they get set up to start the scene. As they interact with the crew and each other we can enjoy some hot sucking from Hugo and Pavel before they are joined by the others. The guys have to go in and out, as directed to make sure they get things right. They stop to take photos too as the scene progresses,with lots of chat and laughter. Wiith lots of chat and interaction and much hot sexy we are able see how the scene was created. It ends, as ever with the cumshots too. Доп. информация: Дата выхода ролика на официальном сайте - 12.07.2019
MenAtPlay: Dario Beck, Enzo Rimenez - Wedding Attire [FullHD 1080p] (Gays)

With a number of important events around the corner, Dario Beck is hard at work meticulously planning and prepping Enzo Rimenezs attire for each occasion. Unable to keep his eyes and focus on anything other than the sexy Dario, Enzo offers to assist him with his selections. After getting an overview of each of the suits which have been handpicked for him, Dario lays out what he considers to be the best of the lot. Enzo wastes no time asking him to strip off and in to the gorgeous navy blue suit so he can get a better look, even helping him get dressed. Darios gorgeous furry body is just too much for Enzo to handle. The two men begin to passionately kiss while stroking and frotting their uncut cocks together. The situation quickly escalates from here making this a MenatPlay scene that simply cant be missed.
MenAtPlay: Leander, Andy Star - Real Estate Broker, Part 2 [FullHD 1080p] (Gays)

In part 2 of this series, real estate firm manager Leander is fresh off his call with Alexander who had just filled him in on how his open house was going. Happy with the update, he pulls the scorching hot Andy Star aside for their weekly meeting to see how his prospects have been coming along. Unfortunately, the news isnt exactly what he wanted to hear but when you look like Andy Star, successful open houses are not necessarily required. Andy knows exactly what to do to make up for his poor performance. He unleashes Leanders bulging hard-on from his pants and drops to his knees to suck cock like his job depends on it. He closes the deal by bending over the board room table and showing Leander what his open house looks like. Leander teases and pounds Andys pulsing hole until he explodes all over his blue pinstripe suit. A satisfying ending to this hot 2 part series.