Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta, Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn - Kris Evans with Kinky Angels - Part 1 [SD 544p] (BDSM)

Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta and Jack Harrer It would seem that the real title for this post should be “Kris Evans Gets Taken by the Kinky Angels”, “Kris Gets Ravaged By the Kinky Angels” Well, in all honesty, I was really too busy watching this scene then trying to come (pun intended) up with a more appropriate title for this post. If you have a better one, by all means place your suggestions by way of a comment at the end of this post. In any case this is the first part of a two-part scene. In a previous scene, shown sometime last year, Kevin and Kris have their oral fun spied upon by Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta who decide to join in. So, in today’s scene, the boys decide they have some unfinished business with the beautiful Hungarian stud and invite Kris over to the Budapest office so they can enact their little scheme to finish what they had started with him. With all four of them servicing Kris, it got me thinking that he sure is one lucky bastard! Amateurs - Czech Hunter 386 [SD 360p] (Gays)

I went hunting to the outskirts today. Unfortunately, I didn’t take enough money with me so I had to look for a bank or an ATM first. Great planning, right? After 30 minutes of futile attempts to find such a place, I started asking for directions. Eventually, I asked a young guy waiting for someone. He was quite good looking. I convinced him to show me where the bank was. I knew it would give me enough time to make my naughty proposition. He liked the money but was not happy about undressing in this cold. He lived in the village so for a small bonus he agreed to take me to his flat. I’m sure that his girlfriend would make a lot more effort to show up on time if she knew what was about to happen. Her beloved boyfriend would leave her speechless. Amateurs - Czech Hunter 387 [SD 360p] (Gays)

To my surprise, I met a young artist today. When this ordinary looking guy told me he was a professional violinist, my dick started growing in anticipation. I was so hot for some upper-class tight ass. I asked him to help me find an office, I had some business to do there. I hate offices but this time it was relatively painless, maybe because I was in such a great company. The boy was also a swimmer, which made me even more interested. Most swimmers I met were very pretty muscular. Our little artist was quite poor so I hoped he would like to make a few Crowns on the side. It took a lot of effort but I eventually made him to come to my place. I can tell you that he made a huge pile of money that day. The guy was incredibly tough to convince but in the end he did all the naughty stuff imaginable. Amateurs - Czech Hunter 388 [SD 360p] (Gays)

Christmas markets all over the Prague at this time of year. I decided to look around for presents and hopefully for cute boys, as well. I met one very quickly. He came to Prague from a small town to buy presents for his girlfriend and parents. I was lucky he had all day for it, therefore he didn’t mind a quick smoke and a little chat. The boy looked very good so I had to lay down my offers very carefully. He was quite shy, there were people all around us. We had to find a discreet spot. I had to figure out how to convince him to follow me to such a location. I told him that I know a great place where we could go shopping together. And money was a very good incentive, too. We spent some time by shopping together and then I made him a proper offer. Amateurs - Czech Hunter 389 [SD 360p] (Gays)

My friend Martin fucked this guy Kuba a few weeks ago, I saw the juicy video. The boy was interesting so I was thrilled when Martin told me the boy contacted him again. I wanted to fuck him so badly that I insisted on meeting him. But you know the golden rule… if anyone wants to fuck again, he has to bring a friend. Kuba promised to do that so I set up a meeting. He was even hotter in person and he brought another guy who was pretty hot, too. I expected things to be straight forward but the boys were a bit shy and greedy. After fooling outside for a while, I booked a room at nearby hotel and took both boys there. It was all a bit awkward for them, being good friends, you know. Still, they stuck to their goal and got every single Crown out of me. I was fine with that because we had a great time. Amateurs - Czech Hunter 390 [SD 360p] (Gays)

I met Honza while he was waiting for a bus. He was nice enough to show me the way but didn’t want to talk. Well, 2 000 Crowns made him very talkative. The boy was on the way home from the gym. That sounded very interesting. He was also sort of a businessman, which worried me a little. He definitely knew how to negotiate. I had to pay hard for everything he did. The boy was shy and freezing so I barely managed to undress him. We had to find a discreet place inside. I didn’t expect much to happen but the guy surprised me. He wasn’t even undressed yet when his huge boner slipped out of his undies! The boy was incredible and started to enjoy being my little sex toy. He earned every single Crown I paid him ten folds. I am definitely keeping this boy’s number for later use. Nate Grimes, Niko Reeves - Nate, Niko, Scene #01 [SD 544p] (BDSM)

Nate Grimes is stressed in the office and needs a little something to unwind. Theres no better way for stress relief than to have the newest office boy, Niko Reeves, come to his office to service his hole. Niko wants to impress his boss so he does as hes told and crawls into the office naked on all fours. Nate doesnt want to waste time during business hours so he bends over and cuts to the chase. Eat my ass, Nate commands, and Niko happily complies. Niko gets in deep with his tongue to open his boss up and after a nice long rim session, Nate bends over to take all five of Nikos fingers. Nikos hand goes all the way in, handballing his horny boss wrist deep as Nate demands even more. Niko lubes up again and alternates both hands in and out as he stretches Nates sloppy hole to the absolute limit. Nate needs it deeper and has Niko put his arm on the desk so Nate can ride it. Nate slides his asshole around Nikos fist and rides it up and down until hes ready for Niko to finish him off. Nate lies back on his desk and has Niko shove his fist in deep one last time. Oh fuck, youre gonna make me cum, boy! Nate yells out as he pumps his load out of his throbbing cock. Niko pulls out his fist and leaves his boss a panting, sticky mess in the office.