GloryHole / DogFartNetwork: Miranda Miller - Glory Hole [SD 432p] (Interracial)

It starts as a simple curiosity. Or maybe a "bachelorette party gift". It almost never starts with, "Im Miranda Miller and Im so fucking horny I think Ill go to an adult bookshop!" But thats where Miranda finds herself on a sunny afternoon..."Im just looking for something to give my bestie. Shes getting married soon!" It doesnt take long for Mirandas eyes to wander, and soon shes in the Interracial Section of the store, looking at the DVDs. "Are those dicks real?" Miranda squeals. Fast forward another couple minutes, and sure enough -- Mirandas at the back of the store, in one of those "private booths", so she can "preview" the DVD before she buys it. And guess what? In a few more minutes, a muscular black arm has come through a hole in the wall and is beckoning her to come suck a finger or two. And sure enough, before Miranda knows it, shes being groped and fingered and choked before the biggest dick shes ever seen in her 21 years is through the wall as well!! Is it instinct that drops these white sluts to their knees? Or allows a stranger to dump his load deep, deep inside her fertile womb? One things for sure...Mirandas panties are going to be filled with cum by the time she gets home!!