Nubilefilms: Alexis Crystal, Tera Link - Right On Time [HD 720p] (Threesome)

Alexis Crystal and Tera Link are decked out in lingerie bras and thongs as they sit on the couch making out. Their hands and mouths are all over one another as they warm each other off. Tera is the first to lose her bra so Alexis can suck her girlfriends small puffy nipples and caress her tiny titties. Not to be outdone, Tera relieves Alexis of her bra to caress her lovers tits and fondle her nipples into hardness.
The girls are just in the middle of refocusing their attention on relieving one anther of their thongs when Nick Ross joins them. They beckon him closer and pause from their lesbian exploration to tag team Nicks dick. Working in tandem, they lick and suck in a double BJ that leaves their boyfriend hard as a rock and ready to fuck.
Climbing on top of Alexis, Tera creates a double pussy stack for Nick to play with. He starts by lapping away at both horny twats before him, focusing his tongue and fingers on each one in turn as he hovers between Teras bare pussy and Alexiss landing strip one. When Tera relocates to sit on Alexiss mouth, Nick takes that opportunity to slide his dick deep into Alexiss greedy snatch.
Switching spots with Alexis, Nick takes his place on the couch on his back so that both girls can ride him at the same time. Alexis takes point on his dick, while Tera happily climbs onto his face so he can feast on her puss. His big hands shape Teras small ass as she leans forward to rub Alexiss clit, creating a threesome of exquisite pleasure.
The girls swap places so Tera has a chance to enjoy the D while Nick eats his own flavor from Alexiss pussy. Although Tera enjoys riding Nicks fuck stick, she is even happier to take her turn in the middle on her knees. While Nick pounds her greedy pussy from behind, Tera leans forward to caress and lick Alexiss clit and vag.
As Alexis enjoys the pulse of her climax courtesy of Tera, she climbs away from her friend and joins Nick near Teras behind. When he is nearly ready to explode, he pulls out of Teras dripping sheath and lets Alexis jack him off. She aims him at Teras back, covering her girlfriend in their mutual boyfriends love.
ZZSeries/Brazzers: Ariana Marie,Bridgette B - Rich Fucks: Part 1 [HD 720p] (Threesome)

Bridgette catches Ariana, heir to her husbands rival company Holloway Inc., trying to seduce her husband and steal his profitable business from right under his nose. After playing nice with entitled little brat in front of her husband, Bridgette decides that Ariana needs to be taught a lesson if she needs to pound some pussy to get her way, so be it. When Bridgettes stepson Van catches the girls going at it, she invites him to join in on the fun she thinks he can learn a thing or two from the ruthlessly ambitious Ariana. While Bridgette assumes Ariana will change her ways after a good, hard fuck, she still plans on sucking Bridgettes family dry. Bridgette makes it her mission to take Ariana down, no matter the cost starting by banding with her estranged brother.
DirtyMasseur/Brazzers: Vicki Chase - The Oil Spill [HD 720p] (Latinas)

Vicki Chase goes in for a massage and quickly realizes her masseur, Keiran, is a bit clumsy and inexperienced. In fact, he ends up spilling oil all over her clothes before the massage even begins. Keiran apologizes and tries to clean up the oil but just makes it worse. Vicki shows Keiran how he can make it up to her by sitting on his face and sucking his cock.