MySistersHotFriend/NaughtyAmerica: Gracie Green - My Sisters Hot Friend [HD 720p] (Teen)

-O-S-E-R! ThatТs the message RyanТs getting from his sisterТs cheerleader friend Gracie May Green. SheТs over at their house practicing her cheers and waiting for her friend, who gave her the message to deliver to Ryan. He was apparently a stud in high school, but things have changed for the worse for the jobless slob as timeТs gone on. But he does impress Gracie when he tells her that he dated her cheerleading idol back in his heyday, and he banged her after they were crowned prom king and queen. The story turns Gracie on so much that sheТs willing to give her friendТs supposed loser brother a chance, and when she finds out his big dick still works well, she finds he isnТt so bad after all! But he still needs a job.