MommysGirl/GirlsWay: Bridgette B, Judy Jolie - Mom Saved Me! [SD 400p] (Foot Fetish)

Judy Jolie and Bridgette B are in the backyard tanning. As Bridgette oils up her body, she cant help but look over at her step-daughter Judy. She looks so hot in the afternoon sun. As Judy looks over at her step-mother, Bridgette runs the oil over her breasts while she looks at Judy seductively. Judy cant help but look at Bridgettes humongous breasts. Judy knows what her step-mother is doing and has no problem playing this game with her. She picks up a banana to flirt back with her and puts it in her mouth. She tries to start sucking on it but ends up choking on it instead. Bridgette leaps to her feet and starts performing the heimlich maneuver. When that doesnt work, she asks her if she can use another technique thats sure to save her life. She asks Judy if its ok to proceed. Judy nods and Bridgette starts rubbing her pussy. It doesnt take long before she spits out that banana. Bridgette was so worried and Judy is still getting over the shock of almost choking. She thanks her step-mother as they embrace. She adds that what Bridgette did to save her life also felt really good and that she would like to finish. Bridgette smiles and tells her to follow her inside. They go to the bedroom as Bridgette caresses Judys chest telling her how worried she was about losing her. Bridgette adds that she didnt have a choice to touch her that way in order to save her life. But when both girls confess that they both actually liked it, it looks like theyll both be spending the rest of the afternoon indoors, eating each others pussies.
WebYoung / GirlsWay: Elena Koshka, Hadley Viscara, Hannah Hays - Cheer Off [FullHD 1080p] (Lesbians)

Hannah Hays is a cheerleader. Shes on her bed sorting through her favorite pom poms. When the phone rings, she sees that its the captain of the cheerleading squad, Elena Koshka. When she picks up the phone, shes so happy to hear from her. When Elena reminds that shell be moving away soon and that shell have to pick a new captain, Hannah asks her if she found anyone. Elena tells her that she actually chose her. Hannah cant believe it! When Elena calls Hadley Viscara and breaks the news to her about the move, she tells her she wants her to be the captain of the cheerleading squad. They agree to meet up later and hang up the phone. When both girls show up at the designated meeting place, theyre confused as to why Elena invited both of them. She cant decide between the two so she tells them she has an idea that just might work. Shes gonna take pictures of both of them and see who best fits the part and then make a decision. The girls agree as Elena starts snapping some pics. Hadley wants the gig so bad that she lifts up her shirt to reveal her sexy black bra. Shes playing to win and isnt afraid to show some skin. Hadley starts kissing Elena and the girls make out passionately as Hannah looks on. She knows if she doesnt make a move shes gonna lose her chance. She figures if she cant beat em, she may as well join em!