GirlsWay: Kenna James, Eliza Jane - Sister Stories: Dont Steal My Clothes! [SD 400p] (Lesbians)

When Eliza Jane finds some of her missing clothes in her stepsisters room, shes furious. Her stepsister, Kenna James, is always taking her stuff and she cant take it anymore. When Kenna walks into her room moments later, she asks Eliza what shes doing there. Eliza asks her why her shirts are in her room. Kenna denies everything, telling her shes crazy but Eliza has had it up to here with her stepsister antics. Theyre her clothes and she wants them to stay in her room. Kenna doesnt really care and wants Eliza to leave her alone. Eliza isnt going anywhere until her sister learns her lesson. She climbs on top of her and starts lecturing her on the value of sharing. Kenna has no idea whats going on but has a hard time overpowering her sister. Eliza reminds her that if she wants to share her clothes with her then shell have to share everything. She starts kissing her and shoves her tongue down her throat. Eliza remarks how shed like to borrow the shirt Kenna is wearing and rips it off her. If her sister doesnt understand boundaries than perhaps they shouldnt have any at all. Eliza starts licking her sisters nipples. Once she removes her pants, its only a matter of seconds before her face is deep in Kennas pussy. Kenna tries to stop Eliza but its no use. Despite it being so wrong, it feels oh so right. It looks like the sisters will be sharing a little more than just their clothes the next time around.
Girlsway: April ONeil, Lyra Law - A Helping Hand: Part 1 [SD 480p] (House)

April ONeil is driving Lyra Law home from the eye clinic. Lyra got into an accident and has lost some of her eyesight. Its up to April, her caregiver for the week, to rehabilitate her. As they drive home from the clinic, April assures her shell do everything she can to make her better. She leads her into the house and places her on the bed. When Lyra goes to the bathroom to clean up, she struggles to find the soap as her vision is quite blurry. Determined to be independent, she tries desperately to clean herself but is unable to do so. April steps in, reminding her that shes here to help. If Lyra wants to get undressed to take a bath, April will be more than happy to help her.