GirlsWay: Adriana Chechik, Jade Baker, Gianna Dior - The Exception List [FullHD 1080p] (Orgy)

Adriana Chechik is bright and excited as shes prompted to Tell us about some of the craziest things youve ever done with one of your fans. She instantly becomes flustered since there are so many good stories to share and she doesnt know where to start! But since this is GirlsWay, she has the perfect one. She shares a sexy adventure thats happened only recently while driving around trying to find a new location in Malibu. While stopping in a driveway and asking for directions, two sexy brunettes, Gianna Dior and Jade Baker, come to her rescue. Theres no hiding the fact that they recognize Adriana and that theyre her biggest fans. When Gianna and Jade say that theyre more than happy to help and for Adriana to get out of the car so that they can better give directions, Adriana follows their orders. As she puts it, When two pretty brunette girls with awesome tits tell you to get out of the car, youre gonna get out of the car! Gianna and Jade then up the ante by telling Adriana that shes #1 on both of their exception lists, which means that they agreed either one of them could bang Adriana and it wouldnt count as cheating! Adriana then tells them that she could show up even later for work as she exchanges sultry looks with the ecstatic couple. They excitedly give in as Adriana asks them if they have any fantasies she could fulfill. Things get steamy in the hot desert sun as the trio get to know each other outside before bringing the party inside to really turn up the heat.
WebYoung/GirlsWay: Kenna James, Jane Wilde, Anastasia Knight - Exposure Therapy [FullHD 1080p] (Facesitting)

Kenna James is trying to masturbate in bed, dyking out to some hot lesbian porn on her phone (a Webyoung vid for sure!), but things just arent cumming together. Something strange is going on with her pussy. Frustrated, she has an idea. She calls her beautiful lesbian friends Anastasia Knight and Jane Wilde for advice. Janes busy fingering Anastasias pussy and isnt exactly happy to be interrupted, but they answer Kennas call. Kenna lays out her problem: her clit is so sensitive that she can barely even touch it! The girls put Kenna on hold and come up with a plan: Theyre going to get VERY hands-on with Kenna, using their best vibrator to make her cum super hard. Once she cums like that, shell get totally addicted to it. Problem solved! The girls show up at Kennas house. Sitting on the bed with Kenna and Anastasia, Jane pulls out a massive vibrator from her bag. Kenna has no idea what it is, so Jane explains it to her. Its something she can use when she wants to cum, really, really hard. Kennas really nervous. Shes not sure if she can handle it, but the girls reassure her. Theyre going to take good care of her. Kenna accepts their offer, and the girls get to work on her tight little pussy. With Jane working her clit with the vibrator, and Anastasia playing with her titties, Kenna cums like shes never cum before. The exposure therapy is a success! Her problem is fixed. But how can Kenna repay her friends? Well, Anastasia and Jane have a few ideas...
MommysGirl/GirlsWay: Syren De Mer, Elena Koshka - The Wedding Dress [FullHD 1080p] (Lesbians)

Elena Koshkas big day is drawing closer by the minute. Elena is getting married to the perfect man and couldnt be happier. Today is the day shes shopping for the wedding dress of her dreams. Her stepmom, Syren De Mer, is there to help her and zip her up. As Elena looks in the mirror, Syren cant help but compliment her; she simply looks beautiful. Syren tells her that it might be a good idea to try on a couple of dresses before choosing the one. As Elena is about to undress, she looks at Syren and tells her to look away. Syren laughs at the fact that despite being her stepmom, shes still shy around her. Elena tells her to go ahead and change. When Syren turns her head, she notices that the mirror on the wall is reflecting her naked stepdaughter right back at her. She cant help but look at her and see how much shes grown. Shes a woman now and Syren couldnt be any prouder. She also cant help but notice the curves of her thighs, how her breasts perk up. Elena comes back out wearing the second dress and they realize that the first one looks better. They decide that she could try it on one more time before she buys it. This also gives Syren another opportunity to watch her undress. Syren cant help but get turned on and takes a moment to play with herself before her daughter finishes dressing. Elena happens to glance at the mirror and notices her mom playing with herself. How could she!? Syren confesses to not wanting to lose her and Elena tells her shes being ridiculous. They embrace and start kissing one last time!