DigitalPlayground: Cali Carter - Hot Tub n Tug [HD 720p] (Anal)

Jack Vegas has taken his blonde girlfriend Cali Carter on a fancy hotel getaway, but when he cant put down his phone long enough to satisfy her needs, she storms off to the hotels hot tub. The bellboy Lucas Frost brings Jack his bags, but Jack is so distracted he doesnt tip, just demands Lucas tell Cali he wont be joining her. Lucas leaves to pass along the message, and Cali is disappointed Jack wont be showing up, but she has a tip that Lucas can help her with. Cali, horny as hell, takes out Lucass cock and teases him with her big tits. The blonde bombshell gives him a blowjob, then shoves his head underwater when Jack comes to check in on her. Gasping as he surfaces for air, Lucas finds himself face first in Calis thighs, and eats her pussy and ass. Heading inside, the newfound fuck buddies enjoy all the wild things Jack doesnt have time for, and Cali cant help but shrug when her boyfriend finally catches them!
DigitalPlayground: Gina Valentina, Lela Star - Side Chick Showdown [HD 720p] (Threesome)

Its a lovely day for a jog, but a bad day for awkward encounters when Charles Dera decides to go for a run with his girlfriend, Lela Star. Taking a break to kiss on a rock, the romantic moment is halted abruptly when Charless side chick Gina Valentina runs by! When the ladies start to fight over Charles, he takes that as his cue to jet. Running home, Charles is shocked to find Gina has beat him there, and is ready to show him just why his cock belongs to her...until Lela catches up! Backed into a bedroom, Charles somehow manages to convince both beautiful ladies into a threesome and is soon balls deep in tight pussy. After a sloppy, sensual fuck, Charles cums on Gina and Lelas asses, and his orgasm gives them some clarity: they prefer each other to him anyway!
Digitalplayground: Aidra Fox - A Warm Place To Stay Tonight [HD 720p] (Teen)

When Aidra Fox finds out her husband is cheating on her, she packs her bags and hastily leaves their apartment to seek her fortunes elsewhere. Unfortunately for Aidra, she doesnt have a plan. As Aidra contemplates her future on the side of the road, Alex Legend stops his car and rolls down the window to offer her a warm place to stay for the tonight. Though hesitant, Aidra doesnt see any other option, so she heads home with the rich stud so she doesnt have to sleep outside. Alex is hot, but keeps walking in on her, and draws her a bath even though her natural tits and round ass are exposed. Aidra is newly single, free at last, and after all, Alex did give her a place to stay...maybe a reward is in order?