Harley Morgan - Cock Addict Tests Her Limits [SD 480p] (BDSM)

Harley Morgans dirty as fuck. Some sluts hide it, sweet as apple pie on the outside but whore to the bone when you strip it away. Others you just look at and you know. One glance at Harleys all you need. Its in the eyes and the pout. She just wants to sink down to her knees in front of you and push the full length of your cock down her throat again and again and again till you make her choke on your spunk and she swallows it. And I do mean you. Shell suck any guys dick. This is a woman who loves being called a slag. She knows her station. She sucked so much dick before she was 18 she cant put a figure on it. 100? More, she says. 200? Maybe. 300? No. She fucked her current boyfriend in car parks half a dozen times before they actually, literally, got into bed. Shes the kind of wench you see in a chip shop and end up fucking round the back alley five minutes later. She comes from Hull. It all fits together. And if youve any idea who Megan is from Love Island then shes just like her chip-shop cousin her face and smile, even the way she laughs. Spooky.This was her third porn shoot but she was raising the game with PSS and she was bricking it. Understandably too. Shed had a bad experience with a guy domming her going way back but since shacking up with her current man theyd been playing around with sub-dom and enjoying it. She wanted to push things further with Pascal. Bit by bit she started to chill. She said she didnt cum much from sex and the solo might be a bit of problem. We left her on her own to have a wank and she came within five minutes. And from there it was just plain sailing. She wanted to get choked, spat on, slapped, spanked on her arse and tits so she was marked. She wanted P to fuck the shit out of her. It all happened and she was over the moon at the end. She even pushed herself through a couple of things that she later said she had a bit of a phobia about (and that we didnt know about in advance) water in her face and mouth, and a cushion held over her face.So yeah, we can all get our kicks out of Harley Morgan being a slag. Her too. But outside of that, theres a lot to be really impressed by with Harley. Shes got serious balls, more so than most men. And if you watch her interview youll see how clever she is as well. I love working with women like Harley for SubSluts and cant wait to team up with her again.