Naomi Bennet - 1479 Naomi Bennet : Black and White n Bed all over, You got a Tanned it Tour, Hand me the Fuckin Nails [FullHD 1080p] (Solo)

Naomis rich tan is in stark contrast to the crisp whites of the walls and sheets in this set. This is primarily all posing in the black lingeries until she strips down to just the stockings and garter at the end.Now without panties we get a good look at her private places while she poses on the bed. Even her nether regions appear tanned suggesting she just has dark complexion. She gets a pretty decent vagina spread going showing the contrasting pink inside her vagina. She also squats virtually on your face giving a great view straight up her bottom end.Naomis masturbation session involves only fingers with lots of clit rubbing and a little bit of two finger insertion. The finger nails dont exactly look too comfortable which probably explains why she never exceeds two fingers and mostly rubs of the outside.