Mistress Zita - Abused On The Rug [HD 720p] (HDRip)

The slave has to bear everything what Lady Zita does to him. He knows that if he tries to talk back or cuss, Zita wont hesitate to make his life like the darkest pits of hell. So he tries his best not to scream her head off, when Zita cruelly pushes her strapon into his ass and fuck him very hard on the rug. She is forceful and she doesnt accept any kind of misbehaviour.
BratPrincess: Natalya, Anabelle Pync - Ruined And Returned To Chastity [FullHD 1080p] (HDRip)

Anabelle and Natalya have a slave tied into a chair at the Edging Salon. He has been booked for a routine orgasm ruining. Both teasers look incredibly sexy in their shiny spandex uniforms as they edge the cock of their clients slave. The slave is completely unaccustomed to being this close to women this beautiful. The teasers know that they have complete control over their clients slave with their incredible bodies. Anabelle and Natalya ruin the slave twice in under ten minutes, then put him right back in his chastity cage and send him straight back to his Princess.
BratPrincess: Anabelle Pync - I Feel Like Riding Your Face for A Cum [FullHD 1080p] (Facesitting)

Anabelle wants to see how long her slave can hold its breath while she smothers him under her ass. She gets so turned on while controlling his breath, she just has to use his face for a cum. While still fully smothering him, Anabelle rides the slaves face until she has an orgasm. Not satisfied with just one, she turns around and immediately enjoys a second orgasm on the slaves face. Mistress Zita - Giant Cock In His Ass [FullHD 1080p] (HDRip)

Mistress Zitas very unfortunate slave is tied down to the spanking bench, with his naked ass pointing towards the ceiling. A mask is covering his ugly face and through the holesleft for his eyes Zita shows him the giant strapon she will push into his already half widened anus. She widens it a little more with three fingers and after it she plunges the hugedick into his ass and she rides him wild and strong. Mistress Zita -]
Mistress Zita - A New Idea [HD 720p] (Punishment)

The slave gets his usual punishment every week, sometimes he gets more then just one. Mistress Zita prefert the humilating and very painful assfuck with a strapon, she knows that this makes him suffer the most. So now she punishes him again with her huge strapon, she pushes it inside his ass and moves it rapidly in and out. And when she gets bored, she climbs on top of him and tries out a new position.