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Alex is desperate for a chance to get his hands on his fine boss Lea, but he cant ask her out on a date at work. Thinking ahead, the crafty Alex convinces her that he moonlights as a masseuse, and invites her over to his place for a casual after-hours treatment. Lea is surprised to learn that Alexs building new skills outside the office, but she wants to encourage her employees and shes soon encouraged when she discovers just how well Alex can work with some oil.
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Steve leads Cristina Miller into the Massage Room, has her get comfortable, and places a towel over her big round booty. Putting her into a yoga position, Steve starts in front of Cristinas face so he can rub her neck and shoulders. As Cristina relaxes more and more, Steve fetches the jug of oil. Poured down Cristinas back, the oil drips into her tight pussy, and the feeling turns her on. Steve brings her to orgasm with his fingers and tongue, then enjoys watching Cristinas big natural tits bouncing as she sucks his cock. An oily fuck follows, until Steve drops a huge creampie load inside her pussy.
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The mob, incarnated in Helena Kramer, Estrellita, and Jade, paid a visit to Nick Moreno. The Spanish Stallion shouldnt be scared because these three girls are not looking for money, they just want to quench their thirst for cock. And, in this kind of situations, Nick is a true expert.
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Gorgeous boss lady Christina Shine is celebrating with her two associates Thomas Stone and Toby. All three of them are enjoying a nice glass of champagne. The busty babe needs something a little stronger than a simple glass of bubbles. Toby lifts her skirt and the fun begins. Christina strips down exposing her big juicy tits. She then gets down on her knees and sucks off both of her partners. Then she begins to ride Tobys rod while keeping Thomass cock in her mouth. Christina still needs something more. So Toby begins to fuck her beautiful starfish at the same time that shes getting her pussy drilled by Thomas. This stunning babe loves having both of her holes fucked simultaneously. Toby finishes by releasing all of his man juice on the starlets pretty face while Thomas cums all over her pussy and stomach.
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It was a warm sunny afternoon and I was enjoying the hands of my favorite masseur. He is the best in town and I was about to doze off when his phone rang. He excused himself saying it was a family emergency and he needed to step out to take the call. I was so relaxed that while he was away I dozed off. I dont know how much time had passed but I woke up to feel his amazing hands massaging my feet. It felt so good especially since it felt like he was using his tongue on my soft soles. I told him although its a bit kinky, I like it. I turned around and I was shocked to see a complete stranger licking my soles! He embarrassingly apologized and blamed it on his love for beautiful feet saying he couldnt control his foot fetish desire as soon as he saw my soft soles and perfect toes. Actually he was kind of cute and I cant lie, when he licked my soles it felt amazing. So I told him Im not mad and actually Id like him to keep on going...
NuruMassage/FantasyMassage: Isabelle Deltore - Stepson Surprise! [HD 720p] (Big Tits)

Tyler Nixon walks into Isabelle Deltores massage parlor and calls out her name. Hey Mom! he says. She runs into the room with a look of horror on her face. What are you doing here young man? she asks him. He tells her he booked a massage the other day to support her and has come in for his appointment. Isabelle tells him that thats impossible. When she looks at the calendar she sees a fake name. Tyler laughs at his ingenuity adding that he used a fake name to keep it a surprise. She tells him that unfortunately hes gonna have to come back another time. When he asks her why, she explains that shes the only one in the parlor and that hes her son. He cuts her off correcting that hes her step-son. Before she has a chance to stop him, he picks up the first thing he sees: a bottle of massage oil. He reads the label out loud: sensual massage oil and asks her why they have this type of oil at her salon. She laughs nervously explaining that the company fucked up the order and refused to take it back. If this is a regular massage parlor then why are you dressed like a stripper? he asks. She replies that thats just the uniform here. He asks her Arent you the one who decides what your employees wear since its your business? She lies and says, as a matter of fact, the employees voted on it together to basically improve morale. He laughs and shakes his head, Mom, you dont even let us choose our breakfast cereal...youre the bossiest person I know! Isabelle waves him off, but he continues, saying that part of the reason he wanted to surprise her was so they can now spend more time together, adding that his dad would love that. She narrows her eyes suspiciously. Is he trying to blackmail her? Of course not, he just thought this would be a great way for them to...connect, he says. Isabelle thinks for a moment, finally telling him that shell give him the massage under the condition that he never tell his father about this. Tyler promises he wont say a word as long as he gets a massage just like the ones she gives her clients.

They get started, getting naked as Tyler eagerly jumps into the shower with his hot mom. She starts lathering up his body. As she slowly scrubs him down, Isabelle is becoming more and more turned on by her stepsons body while Tyler cant resist sneaking peeks at Isabelles glistening form. As Isabelle gets down on her knees and begins to soap up Tylers lower front half, his cock dangles in her face. Desperately trying to contain herself, she tells him to turn around so she can wash his backside. He does, but when he turns back around, his dick is semi-hard and Isabelles eyes go wide. He sheepishly asks her if shes going to wash that area. She hesitates but starts stroking his dick. It gets fully hard in no time and she licks her lips breathlessly. Soon she cant resist anymore and tells Tyler that she needs to make sure hes TOTALLY clean and gives his cock a little lick before sliding her luscious lips over it. Isabelle deepthroats Tylers dick as he moans with pleasure. Anxious to get Tyler on the massage mat, Isabelle stands up, telling him hes clean enough and that its time for his massage. Tyler follows her out of the shower excitedly. On the mat, she spreads NURU gel all over his body as he lies on his front. She caresses him sensually before gelling herself up and sliding her perfect body on his. Flipping him over, she slides her wet tits along his throbbing cock, eventually lowering her lips and sucking greedily on it. But things are about to get even crazier, and Tylers about to find out that his step-mom is full of all sorts of surprises...
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Mrs. Syre bet on her sons friend at a charity bachelor auction. Its not really something she would normally do but it was all in good fun and for a great cause. Tyler shows up for the date with flowers and she is flattered. Tyler is expecting a date, Mrs. Syre lets him know she had a little much to drink and got carried away so hes free to go. Tyler refuses and says "you bought me, you have me for the next three hours." They decide to watch a movie, "jetflix and chill" according to Tyler. Tyler has to make sure she gets her moneys worth, he offers to massage her feet, she cant pass it up. Most massages lead to sex and that seems to be the hope for Tyler. Mrs. Syre feels his boner with her feet and lends her pussy to help better the situation.