Emily Blacc, Ryan Keely - Ryan Keely Caged Emily Blacc [FullHD 1080p] (Lesbians)

Ryan Keely is good at making girls her bitch. Today she uses Emily Black for her sexual pleasure. Ryan puts Emily in her cage, and refuses to let her out, until she can adhere to some strict rules. She must lick her pussy, and answer to her every request. If not, she will be deeply punished. Watch and see if Emily follows the rules of her deviant master.
VivThomas/MetArt: Katy Rose, Nata - My Mind Your Body [FullHD 1080p] (Lesbians)

Flexible beauties Katy Rose and Nata engage in a spiritual and physical workout as episode two of Nik Foxs erotic movie series Yoga Love begins. The tranquility of the yoga session gives way to passionate sexual interaction when they go indoors, kissing and embracing avidly, turned on by each others hot body. Gorgeous brunette Katy pulls down Natas top to fondle her pert breasts, licking her nipples to stiffness. She sucks Natas pussy through her panties, then peels them off, spreads her legs and slides two fingers inside her shaved pussy, lapping at her clit to drive her wild. Katy strips naked and climbs up onto the table with her perfect ass in the air so horny Nata can eat her from behind. Nata uses her tongue and fingers on Katys smooth shaved slit, making her moan and quiver with excitement as she bucks back to meet her lovers thrusting fingers, squealing as a powerful orgasm rushes through her. Smiling with delight, Katy rolls onto her back and Nata straddles her to get her drenched pussy frigged. The insatiable babes finger-bang each other to another climax each, so turned on by the experience of sharing Yoga Love.
FantasyMassage: Dee Williams, Vienna Rose - Daughter-Mom Combo [FullHD 1080p] (Lesbians)

d. Finally, the step-mother comes up with an idea - what if they both shared the time slot and he just massaged them both at once? The masseur is skeptical, he doesnt really see how that would work, but the step-daughter LOVES the idea and together the step-mother and step-daughter sweet-talk and pressure him into saying yes. Sort of like a daughter-mom combo massage, the step-mother jokes.The masseur leads them to a private room where two massage tables are set up side-by-side. He explains that this room is usually for couples massages but of course theres usually two massage therapists when they do those. He supposes hell have to try to divvy the massage time equally between the two of them, since theres only one of him.
MomsLickTeens/Realitykings: Daisy Marie,April Aniston - Pornographic Pilates [HD 720p] (Lesbians)

It takes plenty of work to keep a big booty, tiny waist, and huge tits in perfect form, and Daisy Marie keeps her body bumping--and very flexible--with Pilates on the reg. She hits the mat in a tight leotard that shows off that round ass, and the sight of her sexy stepmom getting sweaty starts turning on blonde teen, April Aniston! When Daisy catches April watching, she tells the teen to join in, but Aprils heavy breathing alerts Daisy that her stepdaughter is strumming her clit instead of stretching out her hamstrings! Daisy decides its time for a much more enjoyable workout, and they move to the table where she oils up Aprils tight body. The sexy lesbians rub their slick and slippery tits together then 69 and trib, and Daisy gives her dirty mouth a real workout as she cums all over her stepdaughters pussy!
Goddess Kyaa, Ceara Lynch - The Angel and The Devil on Your Shoulders [FullHD 1080p] (Femdom)

This video audio mindfuckery at its best! Filmed using a stereo microphone so that if you listen with stereo headphones or properly set up stereo or surround sound speakers you will actually hear my voice coming from one side and Cearas coming from the other, creating a powerful audio effect that makes it feel as though we we are actually there with you! This is especially intense when listened to with headphones. The metaphor of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, one guiding you into obedience and salvation while the other tempts you into debauchery and deprivation, is an old one. Its deeply ingrained into Western society and often represented in stories, comics, TV and movies. Ive taken this metaphor and put my own kinky femdom twist on it, creating a brainwashing video that will leave you torn between the path of good and the path of evil.I play the Angel, whispering encouragingly to you, commanding you to obey and serve without fear, to deny yourself all pleasure and give everything to one perfect Goddess you serve. Ceara Lynch aptly plays the Devil, whispering wicked temptations to you, ordering you to jerk your loser dick, do depraved things to yourself and slut around to every sexy woman you can find online. Together we overwhelm your senses, each of us leading you down separate paths at the same time. The best part is we have a common goal... to fuck with your pervert mind until you are so confused and horny that you spiral even further into your femdom obsession.Listen to the Angel and the Devil on your shoulders if you dare! No man has the will to resist them. MP4 * 416 MB * 00:07:12 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
WeLiveTogether/Realitykings: Gina Valentina,Alina Lopez,Eliza Ibarra - Three Way Ask Me Anything [HD 720p] (Lesbians)

If youve got burning questions about stunning Latinas Alina Lopez, Eliza Ibarra, and Gina Valentina, or if you just want to watch these three hotties get naked and nasty together, this is the scene for you! These real-life gal pals have hooked up one-on-one before, both in front of the camera and in private, but this is their first time getting to have a threesome and they can hardly wait long enough to answer a few questions. Once Alina, Eliza, and Gina have revealed some fun facts about themselves, they pick their favorite sex toy and then use dildos to demonstrate their signature blowjob styles. Then its time to show how they eat pussy, and lucky Eliza gets to be the first to enjoy Alina and Ginas tongues on her clit! These babes use their mouths, hands, and plenty of toys to make each other cum, and Alina even scissors petite hottie, Gina! Youre definitely going to learn a lot from this video.