PureTaboo.com- : 2018 .: Liv Revamped - The Luckiest Guy [SD 400p] (Drinks, Food, Cooking)

SCENE OPENS on a married couple Vanessa (Liv Revamped) and Carl (Donnie Rock), sitting comfortably at a restaurant with a plate of mostly-eaten food and a pair of scotch glasses almost empty, with only the remnants of melting ice cubes remaining. Its clear theyve been there for some time already. They are giggling and talking in low voices amongst each other, reminiscing fondly about a trip they took years ago together. Vanessa affectionately touches her husband often as they chat, her hand effortlessly resting on his shoulder, on his hand, on his lap, as she leans in. Clearly shes a warm, physical person. Carl is a bit stiffer, keeping his arms between his legs as he sits and blushing a bit whenever the conversation gets flirty, but he looks like hes having a good time as well. After a half-minute, the waiter Brayden (Michael Vegas) visits their table and asks if theyre having a good time. He remarks that they look dressed for a special occasion, and the wife remarks its their anniversary, holding up her ring with a smile. The waiter congratulates them and asks can get them anything more to eat. Oh, no, the husband exclaims with a laugh, pointing at the plate and saying that theyre still making their way through this one. What he doesnt notice is that the wife meanwhile has mouthed the words your dick to the waiter, and then sexily picks up a long-shaped appetizer and licks the tip suggestively. Brayden looks taken aback, but tries to remain professional and ignore what he saw. Carl certainly didnt seem to notice. Brayden stumbles over his next couple of words, but eventually regains his cool and resumes the waiter small talk. He asks how long theyve been married. Five years, they exclaim in unison. Vanessa remarks that the traditional anniversary gift for five years is... wood, she says after a brief pause, and after catching Braydens gaze her eyes move down to the waiters crotch suggestively. Brayden coughs uncomfortably and his eyes flick to her husband as if to say hes sitting right next to you. Oblivious, Carl remarks that Vanessa got him a gorgeous wooden chess board as a gift, and that he couldnt ask for a better present. Or a better wife. He feels like the luckiest guy in the world. Vanessa looks back to Carl and says something sweet in reply, touching him fondly on the shoulder as if completely innocent. Vanessa straightens up in her chair and says to her husband Darling, I think Id like to spend a few minutes to freshen up a bit before we go back to the house. Um, Brayden? she says, reading the nameplate on his uniform, could you be a dear and top off my husband so he doesnt miss me TOO much while he waits? Carl laughs warmly. Unbeknownst to him, as his wife goes towards the bathroom Vanessa signals for the waiter to follow her. She walks through the womens bathroom door with the camera following behind, and she confidently waits standing against the wall for several seconds until the door bursts open and the waiter charges into the bathroom. He moves straight towards Vanessa and they collide in a passionate kiss without word or pause.
CUT TO TITLE PLATEThey fuck hard and rough, a raw, frenzied bathroom quickie. Vanessa cant get enough of Braydens cock and isnt concerned about her husband catching them. As Brayden fucks Vanessa, Carl knocks on the door to check in on his wife since shes been gone so long, which causes Brayden to panic, but Vanessa just motions for him to stay quiet and successfully convinces her husband that everythings fine and shell be out shortly. She calls out I love you! to Carl before pausing momentarily until hes gone, and then going right back to fucking the waiter. Suddenly, Brayden mentions that hes about to cum -- this catches Vanessa by surprise, and she looks a bit startled as he suddenly and unexpectedly creampies her. Vanessa is grouchy as she lifts herself off his dick, and pulls some paper towel out of the dispenser to hastily clean up her creampied pussy -- she hadnt told him to cum in her, she complains. Brayden is defensive -- its not like she had told him NOT to. She tells him to shut up and quickly checks her hair in the mirror before leaving him in the bathroom alone. She heads back to the table and smiles warmly at her husband, asking him if hes ready to head home. He grins innocently. When he gets his beautiful wife home, its his turn to get lucky, as he sensually fucks Vanessa on their bed. Little does he know, hes not the first guy whos gotten lucky with Vanessa tonight...
HotAndMean.com/Brazzers.com: Gianna Dior,Busty - The Naughty Nanny: Part 1 [SD 480p] (Lesbians)

Busty MILF Missy Martinez has invited sexy teen Gianna Dior over for a final interview for a live-in nanny position. Missys been given the green light to make a final decision, because her husband, Keiran Lee, is at work. After interviewing over tea, where Missys stern demeanor and unorthodox techniques drive a horny Gianna crazy, Gianna makes a mess and is told to clean herself up. In the bathroom, Gianna finds a vibrator in a drawer and cant resist the temptation to use it on her wet pussy! Gianna starts masturbating and quickly loses track of time, and shes eventually caught by Missy, who scolds her but is clearly turned on. Missy decides to teach Gianna how to properly use the vibrator, and although theyre nearly caught by a returning Keiran, Missy manages to show Gianna that her new job comes with unexpected perks!
Kasia Intrigante - Psycho Therapy [HD 720p] (Nurse)

Ice-cold and dropdead gorgeous PSYCHO NURSE FROM HELL :: KASIA INTRIGANTE :: is called back to her Bizarre Hospital once again! In this brandnew Clip she first starts inspecting Your Head and Your body with her special medical Torch! She is doing this very detailled and exactly so that You get the right feeling of being totally under her Control! After this long inspection and her deep eye Contact to make You totally willingsness, she is straight heading forward to her Torture Shock Therapy Program!! She is showing You her evil Torture Tools like evil Drillers, medical Scalpels and Injections! At first she starts the hot and ultra-cruel Psycho Therapy Shock Treatment by giving You some Injections, then she continues her evil Treatment by drilling deeper into Your flesh with her special Driller and with some ultra-sharp Scalpels she has in store for You! This is the perfect combination of hot Nurse Fetish together with ultra-cruel Femdom Shock Treatment at the same Time HER WILL is YOUR ONE AND ONLY COMMAND so obey, download this brandnew Clip and pay attention to her, while You are grabbing Your pathetic Cock only for HER!MP4 * 273 MB * 00:11:30 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Glam Worship - In Chastity For Your Wife [FullHD 1080p] (Femdom)

As you know we havent been sleeping together probably as much as you would like us to And this may come as a bit of a surprise to you but Ive been getting it elsewhere Ive been sleeping with a man that really satisfies me NOT LIKE YOU you havent satisfied me for a LONG TIME. Merry Christmas loser!!! Your wife has decided to deliver the cold blow before the new year. She just cant hide her cravings any longer Ever since having an affair, she has come to the realization she NEEDS Real men and CRAVES big cock. She doesnt want a divorce and to lose you as a live-in nanny, but she does want to cuckold you and put you into chastity, to help you come to terms with this situation quickly. Lucy has done her research and knows that dominant wives put their husbands in chastity (with very positive results) and she wants you to accept your new role, with complete submission. She even wants you to learn to THANK HER for it and to ENCOURAGE HER to have fun!MP4 * 367 MB * 00:06:16 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online