WebYoung.com/GirlsWay.com: Adria Rae, Sofi Ryan - We Need Our Own Place [FullHD 1080p] (Lesbians)

Sofi Ryan and Adria Rae are making out in Adrias bedroom. When Sofi asks Adria if shes sure her parents arent home, she assures her they wont be interrupted. When her dad suddenly pops into her room to ask if she needs anything from the store, the girls are jolted right out of their make-out session. As he leaves, the girls realize that theyve had enough with the interruptions: they need their own place! Sofi gets excited at the prospect of living with her girlfriend but its clear from the get-go that Adria is a little worried. She hasnt told her parents shes a lesbian and isnt sure what they would think if she moved out into a one-bedroom apartment with another girl. Sofi reminds her that theyre always together and that theyve probably figured it out by now. Adria laughs at the oversight as she kisses her, celebrating the idea of sharing a space with her. As the girls plan how theyre going to set up their new place, they kiss and giggle at the endless possibilities. Adria is so excited that she practically pushes Sofi down on the bed as she undresses her. Sofi, in turn, takes off Adrias bra and starts licking her nipples. The girls undress quickly as they know they dont have much time before Adrias dad gets home. Once they get their new place, thats something theyre never gonna have to worry about again!