Amaris - Vicky Love - Vine 2 Episode 2 - Carefree [FullHD 1080p] (Lesbians)

Prospective buyer Stefany Moon is still inspecting the vineyard, as episode two of Sandra Shines sensational erotic series Vine 2 begins. She smiles as two cute half-naked girls dash past, chasing each other, sex clearly on their mind. Topless blonde Amaris and gorgeous brunette Vicky Love kiss passionately by the woodpile, giggling naughtily. Amaris glances around to make sure nobody can see them before tugging Vickys top down and sucking her nipples, not noticing Stafany, who cant resist watching. Vicky pulls down her girlfriends shorts and kneels to lick her shaved pussy, spreading the sweet folds open and sucking avidly as Amaris fondles her own beautiful breasts. She turns around, offering her peachy ass to Vicky, who spreads her cheeks and laps at her asshole as she finger-bangs her pussy until she cums with a gasp. Vicky strips rapidly and sits with her legs spread wide so Amaris can eat her pussy, licking her puffy pink lips and sliding her fingers into her juicy core. Stefany touches herself as she watches Vicky orgasm on her sweethearts tongue; then hides as the lovers scamper away before their boss catches them.