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Melissa Moore is baking cupcakes for her sorority bake sale when Mary Moody comes to show her the skimpy outfit sheТs planning on wearing to help boost sales. When Mary sees that Melissa is only wearing underwear under her apron, she offers to help her out, but she has no intention to actually bake. She makes her intentions known by slapping MelissaТs ass, leaving a nice flour handprint! Then, Mary bends over and teases her tight juicy pussy to her sorority sister! When Melissa asks Mary for help decorating the cupcakes, Mary does exactly as instructed, but decorates her tits instead of the baked goods! Of course, Melissa canТt help but wrap her luscious lips around MaryТs nipple as she gets a taste of the whipped cream! Then, itТs MelissaТs turn to offer something yummy for Mary to lick: her dripping wet pussy! While the cupcakes are baking in the oven, the two slutty sorority sisters take turns fucking each other on the kitchen counter!
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Girlfriends Alexi Star and Suzy Rainbow walk arm in arm as they wander home together. They cant wait until theyre inside before they indulge in a long, deep kiss that affirms their love for one another. By the time they finally make it inside, they cant wait to peel off each others shirts and lap at one anothers hard little nipples.

By the time they have peeled off each others clothes so they are bare skin to bare skin, Alexi and Suzy are already each primed to cum. Pressing Suzy back onto the bed, Alexi leans forward to take an experimental lick down her lovers slit. Finding Suzy hot and wet, Alexi dives in for a pussy feast in earnest. She gets her fingers in on the action, making it a full on sensual assault that Suzy wishes would never end.

As her body hums with pleasure, Suzy turns the tables on Alexi. She gets her girlfriend up on her hands and knees, then buries her face in Alexis soft bald slit. Her nose bumps against Alexis anus as she uses her tongue and fingers to work magic. Careful strokes of her tongue tease Alexis creaming fuck hole and her chocolate starfish, while her fingers probe Alexis greedy snatch. Once Suzy starts, she wont stop until Alexi cums.

Taking her payment for giving her girlfriend such a nice climax, Suzy lays Alexi down on the bed and then swings one leg over her chest to straddle her face. With her snatch in the perfect position for a pussy licking, Suzy rocks her hips back and forth to increase the pleasurable friction. Her body hums with delight as she winds her fingers through Alexis hair to encourage the brunette to keep it up until she explodes.

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