InfernalRestraints/IntersecInteractive: Summer Hart - Groncd [HD 720p] (Bondage)

Gronc is one of the most influential illustrators in the INSEX sphere. His drawings have inspired many of our positions over the years. Now we pay homage to some of his more complex works. See Summer Hart put into intense positions complete with narrated stories.

Worm Cave: Summer Hart is transported to the lair of the Worm Master. He feeds on the bodies beautiful women who his minions capture, strip, bind, and season with an apple and carrot.

Framed Vestal: Summer Hart committed an act of wanton sexuality and must be punished. The high priest sentences Summer to induced arousal for an eternity. She is bound with chains and sealed with magic in the woods for all of eternity.

Crossed By Chains: Summer Hart is the victim of a King gone mad. She is put in his dungeon where many women have been. The mad King binds her in horribly painful positions until her body is broken.

Exploding Girl: Summer Hart is one of a series of adult toys. She can only be used once, but shes a hoot. Light her up and run like hell before the kaboom. Listen to her scream and cry before shes exploded.
DeviceBondage/Kink: Bobbi Dylan - Suffering Through Predicament Bondage and Brutal Domination [HD 720p] (Bondage)

Bobbi has worked with Kink before, but this is the first time we get to make her suffer on Device Bondage. She has a young, toned body that was made for bondage. She is strung up in a standing position with her head harnessed and pulled up, while her hands are pulling her down. The Pope enters and goes to work on her body. The surprise on her face as he instantly inflicts suffering at his very first touch is amusing. Her nipples are clamped and then weights are added for optimal suffering. A crop is used to increase her suffering as strike after strike reddens her body. She screams and begs for it to stop, so he applies a vibe to her overly sensitive clit and makes her orgasms until she is almost ready to tap out from that too. She has successfully made it through her first scene, but still has more to come. Next we place her on her back with her legs spread wide exposing her pussy to The Popes sadistic ways. Her nipples are clamped again, but this time they are tied to her toes and more weight is added. Her feet are subjected to brutal bastinado, before her pussy is fucked into more orgasms. In the final scene she is shackled in a doggy position on a wooden tanle like a meal thats ready top be devoured. She if flogged and spanked more before more orgasms are ripped from her pussy.
EverythingButt/Kink: Lisey Sweet, Kira Noir - Anal Dungeon: Lisey Sweets Big Ass Gets Worked by Mistress Kira Noir [HD 720p] (Anal Fisting)

Lisey Sweet has a stunning body. From her blonde hair down to her thick juicy ass and thighs. This girl is banging and her boyfriend knows it, but she has a little problem. Her man is going to dump her if she cant get bigger toys in her tight ass. So she does what any good partner will do and finds a professional to train her butthole. Showing up in a creepy dark alley wearing the highest booty shorts she meets her new mistress. Kira Noir is dressed in tight latex and ready to anally train her new pet. First she gets handfuls of Liseys perfect ass and spanks it red. Next she puts Lisey in a head cage fully nude with her ass exposed and ready for torment. She takes a hard beating with the flogger all while wearing a jeweled butt plug. Finally her ass is ready for more. Next up is a giant black dildo. This thing is huge and gets Lisey screaming with orgasm. After gaping over and over, Lisey floods the room with a huge squirting orgasm! Welcome to Lake Lisey! Next the real training begins and Kira brings out the speculum. After cranking it wide open she gets a full view of everything inside Liseys perfect pink asshole. Now its time for Lisey to return the favor and learn how to appreciate a tight hole. Kira gets fully naked and rides Liseys strap on. She gets fucked deep and hard in her ass over and over again. Finally she takes orgasm after orgasm from her little anal slut pet. Who needs a loser boyfriend anyway!
Miss Melissa - Red Faced [SD 480p] (Rubber)

Come up, loser, grab some girly panties, a chair and three thick rubber bands to join me for a variation of green light/ red light game. You must follow my jerkoff and CBT commands if you want to worship my ass. Keep up with all of the directions and humiliation that I throw at you. I will throw them at you VERY quick, turning your face and ass red, leaving you begging for green light. Keep up, pathetic loser for an entertaining, cum filled ending.MOV * 245 MB * 00:10:55 * 854x480 Jerk off me Watch Online
Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Inflating Room [HD 720p] (Rubber)

Well this is a rather unfortunate situation for you. You were having a nice night, just having a few drinks at the bar at the guys. You must have had too much to drink because you became dizzy and disoriented. Your friends called you a cab and you remember sloppily falling into it to get home. The last thing you remembered before passing out was that the cab driver looked stunningly beautiful. When you awoke you couldnt move your arms or your legs. Every attempt at jerking yourself free of your bonds only brought about this slick rubbery noise. Moving your head as little as you could, you determined you were trapped in a room made entirely of rubber! The thick material pressed against your body immobilizing you. Looking forward you saw her- the cab driver! She reveals she kidnapped you and locked you up in her inflating room. You see, she has a fetish for watching the breath drained out of a man until he expires. She loves to hold her breasts up against your mouth as the room presses in and youre unable to breathe. Ending men is her fetish, and tonight youre her little sex toy.MP4 * 376 MB * 00:10:41 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Goddess Angel - Turning my boyfriend into my bitch [HD 720p] (Transsexuals)

Im so glad you came over [email protected]! Wait, before you start undressing me, lets goof around for a bit. Dont be such a dispose joy... What, does this outfit turn you on? It does, doesnt it... I mean look at your cock! You totally have a boner, I can see it. Thats fine, but I want to do something a little more... kinky today, okay? You trust me right babe... Good! Dont ask about the cup, youll find out later. Lets get that dick out of your pants.. Mmm, good boy. You want to be a good boy for me right, want to prove your dedication and love for me? Youll obey every command. Youll do exactly as I say. It feels amazing when I jerk your cock off for you, focus on how soft and smooth my hands feel, how my spit coats your dick perfectly as I pump back and forth... Now, your turn, jerk it. Watch me tease you... Fucking look at me, pay attention bitch. Ha! Good! See, youre already learning. Look at how you transform into such a good little bitch boy when youre all horny for me, youve never been in control this relationship, and youll never be. Youll be my bitch for the rest of your life, desperate, chasing after these intense pleasure only I give you. Jerk your cock harder you pathetic little wanker. Harder! Good. Now remember that cup I put here.... Youre going to prove how much youre dedicated to your new slave lifestyle! Consider this a right of passage.MP4 * 846 MB * 00:09:42 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
TeaseandThankYou: Mistress Mandy Marx - Mistress Mandy Marx [HD 720p] (Bondage)

All this mindfuckery has to end sometime, right. Even I cant sustain it forever? What if I want to just reward you for your chastity service, soldier. And let you get off with a heavenly, mind numbingly hot, pure handjob where I talk about what you want, (even locking you back up) and let you touch where you want. My poor, sweet fetish boys.