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Sneaky slut Alex Blake has a surprise in store for her boyfriend on his birthday--kinky handcuffs and some massage oil! Only her boyfriend is embarrassed that Alex would give him such gifts in front of his dad, Johnny Castle! Well luckily for Alex, her boyfriend is more blown away by Johnnys gift--a virtual reality machine! Alexs boyfriend tries out the game, but while roaming around the house like a blind buffoon, hes too busy being in his own world to realize that his dads been trying to seduce his girlfriend this whole time! Alex Blake cant wait for her boyfriend to fuck off--thats because shes been banging his dad for quite some time! This busty beauty cant wait to get dicked and her pussy is just dripping wet and eager to be pounded by an older man! Can Alex keep her pleasurable moans to a minimum, or will her boyfriend realize what this sneaky slut is actually up to once his game is over? Either way, if you dont think Alex Blake is one of the hottest chicks of all time, youve gotta be VR kidding me!
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Beautiful Hungarian Loren Minardi gets tied up on a porch, spanked and teased in front of her peers. She then moves to the pool where that wet pussy gets fucked hardcore by Antonio Ross. Valentina Bianco gets so turned on and starts sucking off some guy on set. Both the chicks receive messy facials.
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Introducing Mistress Irene, a cruel Domina with one of the most amazing asses you will ever encounter. The scene opens with Mistress Irenes slave bound to a discipline chair. As she enters, she tells the slave that because he has pleased her, shes going to release him and reward him with his greatest pleasure. What is your greatest pleasure? she asks. Your ass, Goddess he replies. She turns to give him an up close view of her divine ass while she rubs her hands over it and bends over to titillate him with it. She asks if hes going to kiss it, worship it, suffer under it when she sits on his face, and fight to his last breath; naturally, he agrees to everything.
She removes the bindings, and as the scene rolls over, she stands above him while he lies on the ground with his head in the face-sitting box. She places one foot on each side of the box and sits on his face. The amazing camera angles in this video make you feel like shes about to sit on your face. As she restricts his air, she allows him to stroke but tells him not to cum, and says Theres no need for them to cum more than once a month. if ever. Irene is very serious about sitting on the slave properly so his air is restricted, and shes content just to smile while he kicks. When she gives him a breath it is but for a second. She pulls on his nipples and tells him that air is a privilege for him, not a right. She shifts to her side so you and the slave can see her ass in all its glory. She makes the slave tell her how much he loves it and moves back again to cover his face completely. She kicks his hand away from his cock and stretches her legs out across his body. She leans back to relax while the slave starts to squirm, then kick, and finally thrashes frantically. Irene just laughs
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