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Tonight is a big night for me... Youre my brother, you wouldnt lie to me would you? do you think I look nice in this dress? Iike you said to me yesterday, satin prom dresses look so much do you think I look nice in my satin prom dress? nice to me... I need your opinion as a guy. Does this look to hot? How about when I tease like this? is it too much I wont wear anything underneath...If I bend over like this can you see my pussy?... take your pants off so I can see what really turns a guy on? let me practise for tonight so that I dont disappoint my boyfriend. mmmm...I hope he has such a nice cock like yours big brother...I see you like touching me through the satin, would you like me to touch your cock with my dress?...would you like me to make you know...cum. Cum on my dress, I can clean it before I go.WOW! You do like the outfit, huh? Wellllll, since youre already hard, theres something else I wanted to ask your help with. Ena Sweet - Sisters prom night 2. Cant get enough of you. [SD 540p] (Blowjob)

After you made quite a mess on my other satin prom dress this is the other one Im going to use...But I see you just havent had enough of your little sister for today and youre back for more, and this time you want to go full on with me, in and out of me and all over me...I think Ive had enough practice for tonight do you really think we should practice this as well???...Ok who better than you brother to show me how to have sex properly and make my boyfriend happy. What do you think about this dress?...I can tell you like this one too...I think its the satin thats driving you wild for me...Be gentle big brother and still very tight.You want to cum on this dress too?!...oh brother not this one, its the only one I have left....